Who Says You Can’t Play with Your Food?

Food etiquette is something some people take very seriously. However, hasn’t everyone gotten in trouble at least once for playing with their food at the dinner table? For right now, throw whatever you know about etiquette out the window because playing with your food actually makes for some delicious desserts!
At the Market at the Fareway in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia (behind the Chestnut Hill Hotel on Germantown Avenue), there are all types of vendors. There is a coffee stand (Poppy’s Café), a candy and nuts store (Nuts to You), a place to get fresh produce (Yu’s Produce) and many more! Stop by the Market to get the fresh fruit for the treats that are about to be revealed. Moms, this is your heads up; your children will be licking their plates clean so be prepared to make these fruit displays more than once!

Playing with food has always been something for which kids have received disciplined. I can hear my mom’s voice now, “stop playing with your food and just eat it!” That rule doesn’t count right now because there are some amazing things you can do with your food when you get a little creative. Along with the shark made out of watermelon, there is also a BBQ fruit display and watermelon pirate ship that looks awesome and tastes even better. I guess you thought the recipes would stop after the watermelon displays, but they don’t. You can make banana penguins to top off any winter wonderland tray you are putting together to take to a family party or even just to enjoy for yourself – they’re cute and easy.
Just when you thought your mom was always right, you just learned that playing with your food isn’t always bad; sometimes it’s art. No worries though, these recipes don’t call for you to be severely artistic. And although it looks like you have to spend a lot of money to create these treats, you don’t!

Going somewhere? Mom also always preached, “never show up anywhere empty-handed.” These displays will guarantee your invite every time. This Brownie-n-Berries Dessert Pizza looks amazing. The recipe for this mouth-watering dessert calls for a handful of ingredients and takes only four steps to complete. When you show up to your family BBQ or friend’s birthday party with this in your hands, you’ll be invited every time – no doubt. So, the next time you host an event or the next time you are invited to someone’s house or party, make sure to brag to everyone that you made the treats yourself. Trust me, on this occasion they will be thrilled you played with your food – just remind them that you washed your hands prior to doing so.