Valentines for All- Ideas for both Kids and Parents

It’s February so that means a couple of things. The first thing it means is that it is the month of Valentine’s Day. Another thing is that you and your children will spend hours either making or picking out the perfect valentines to send to school for their friends and crushes. While you’re in the mood picking out or making the perfect valentines, there are tons of different crafts you can create to decorate your house or office or give to your friends and families for their homes.

There are many do-it-yourself valentines that are cute and easy to make. One of my all-time favorites is the 3D Valentine’s Day card. Not only can you decorate the picture using a Sharpie marker, but you can also get creative by using clip-art on the computer before you print your photos. This is fun to do with your children because they can have a photo shoot anywhere of their liking and they can pick their favorite candy to give to their classmates and friends. The photo below shows kids holding Tootsie Pops, but you can substitute the lollipop with Skittles or any other candy and have your kids hold their hand in a different position.



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Another valentine craft you can create is Tootsie Pop butterfly valentines. Kids really love this valentine because they are able to pick and choose colors for the construction paper, pipe cleaners and lollipops. Each one can be different or the same – use your imagination!

Now, for the parents. Mostly everyone loves some décor for the house and mostly everyone loves giving and receiving homemade gifts. Here are 40 Valentine’s Day gifts that your friends would actually want. Make chalkboard heart frames to hang throughout your house or office. Some of my favorites include the sock pillows, Sharpie mugs and the snow globes.


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Most of the time, people stick with flowers and chocolates (or some sort of sweets) for Valentine’s Day – go for it! You can get the chocolates from Nuts to You. Why make two trips? When you come in to get your flowers, bring your iPhone or digital photos to print right there at PhotoLounge. The best gifts during Valentine’s Day are the ones made with love. Spend some time thinking about what your special someone would love and make it for them. Spend not only Valentine’s Day loving your friends and family, but all of February.