Stop, Shop and Sushi Roll

Stop in Chestnut Hill, shop at the Market at the Fareway, and get some sushi rolls! Chestnut Hill Hotel is a wonderful place to stay while you experience the beautiful and historical town filled with stores and beautiful views. What other hotel has its very own market in its backyard? Not many. Market at the Fareway in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia includes 15 different vendors that are owned by families or friends who treat you as if you were one of their own. Stop in Chestnut Hill, shop at the Market at the Fareway and sushi roll all the way to Tokyo Sushi. If you’re still hungry after sushi, you can grab dessert from PhilaDing and get a pick-me-up from Poppy’s Café. Need a plan for dinner? We have you covered there too!

Tokyo Sushi, owned by a husband and wife, offers a variety of different rolls, which are created with the finest and freshest ingredients. With all of the options here, you are guaranteed to find something you love every time you come. My favorite (which was really good) is the California Roll – classic, but it never fails to be amazing.

Whenever I eat sushi, there are a million things that go through my head. “How much soy sauce do I need? What is this ginger for anyway? What is miso soup? How do I use chopsticks?” Well, since I’m probably not the only person wondering about the answers to these questions, I’m going to explain some of the things we all ask ourselves when we eat sushi. The whole soy sauce epidemic – only put a little on your sushi. You’re supposed to pick up the sushi with your chopsticks (or fingers) and dip it in the soy sauce. If you put too much soy sauce on the sushi, you overpower the flavor of the actual fish and it will ruin the whole taste (unless you’re obsessed with soy sauce, then feel free to drench it). Moving on to the next question, the ginger. Ginger is supposed to be eaten in between the different types of sushi you eat in order to clean your pallet so you are able to enjoy the other rolls you ordered. And, the miso soup, the soup people eat as an appetizer, it’s supposed to be slurped down straight from the bowl (not eaten with a spoon) while you are eating your main course, in between bites. Last, but not least, the chopsticks. Practice makes perfect! Learn how here.

So, the next time you order sushi from Tokyo Sushi, remember: if you want to really taste the sushi, don’t drench it in soy sauce, eat ginger in between the different rolls, and save the miso soup for the meal.
Other than that, dig in and order eight different rolls; trust me, no one will judge you. It’s pretty much amazing. Thanks Toyko Sushi!

Comment below and tell us what type of roll is your favorite – we look forward to all of the different answers.