Situated behind the Chestnut Hill Hotel in Philadelphia and accessible via the Fareway from Germantown Avenue or the South Hampton Street parking lot, sits the Market at the Fareway with offerings from 15 different vendors. It is a modern farmer’s market where visitors can find a variety of local and fresh products and grocery items including coffee, baked goods, chocolate, fresh produce, meat, and poultry. Our food market offers prepared foods including Korean Takos, sushi, deli sandwiches, Tibetan dumplings, soups, southern bbq, fresh pasta, smoothies, craft beer made onsite and wood-fired pizza. We have something for everyone including vegan and vegetarian options. Patrons can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Market or take prepared food home with them. They can also pick up groceries to cook their favorite meal at home.

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Glengarry Properties, a locally owned company, purchased the Chestnut Hill Farmers Market in 2007 after moving to Philadelphia from a small town in central Pennsylvania called Lock Haven. The Market was completely remodeled and rebranded starting in 2013. It now resembles a “modern general store”, has a new name, a new feel, and new vendors. In addition, the Philadelphia produce market is environmentally friendly and it recycles cardboard, plastic, glass, cooking oil, and kitchen scraps.

The Market offers indoor and outdoor seating which includes heated seating in our beer garden. During beautiful summer days, the doors to the Pavilion are open and visitors can enjoy the outdoors. When the weather is cooler, the Pavilion doors are closed and visitors remain warm while still being able to take in the natural sunlight.  We also have a beautiful beer garden, which is an outdoor patio meant for all to enjoy including children and four-legged companions.

The owners came up with the name after receiving many entries from a naming contest. Fareway refers to “fare”, another word for food, and the “way” refers to the expanded walkway and European piazza-like public space. Visitors coming to the Fareway can use the free parking lot off of East Southampton Avenue and relax on the benches and oversized colorful armchairs while enjoying the free WiFi, fire pit, concrete ping pong table, and fountains, gardens (which change from season to season), and Fresh Artist artwork. We know parking can be a challenge, which is why we have installed 15-minute pop-in parking to ensure spaces open up frequently. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the space. Even dogs are welcome! We make it easy to bring your four-footed companions by offering two hook-ups and water bowls. If you are traveling by bike, we also offer a bike rack for you to safely secure your bicycle.