The Story Behind the FAREWAY in Chestnut Hill


The FAREWAY is a community gathering space between the Chestnut Hill Hotel and MARKET at the FAREWAY designed by Morrissey Design.  It was planned to be a large piazza featuring benches, table seating, a water feature, and landscaping.  Visitors, residents, and shoppers can interact with the community space by viewing the Fresh Artists artwork on the walls of the Post Office Building, posing for a selfie with the dog statues from Gravers Lane Gallery, throwing coins for good luck into the fountains, sitting in the oversized chairs by the firepit, and, of course, patronizing the businesses. 

The owners came up with the name, “FAREWAY”, after receiving many entries from a local naming contest. “Fare” is another word for food, and the “way” refers to the expanded walkway and European piazza-like public space.  The FAREWAY is home to many food businesses including Paris Bistro, Chestnut Grill, Green Soul, King’s Garden, and the MARKET at the FAREWAY.  It is also home to the Post Office, Follicles Hair Salon, and Chestnut Hill Hotel.  You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the FAREWAY in Chestnut Hill, get your hair cut, mail your letters, get your knives sharpened, and host your friends at the Hotel or enjoy a staycation.    


The owners’ goal is for the FAREWAY to become a meeting place so that it’s common to say, “I’ll meet you at the FAREWAY”.  It is centrally located in Chestnut Hill and is conducive to meeting friends and family because there is parking, outdoor seating, and a wide variety of eating options.  You can find Korean cuisine, sushi, Mediterranean food, baked goods, coffee, produce, poultry, deli sandwiches and salad, meals for your slow cooker, red meat, chocolate and more in the MARKET.  Caribbean food, wood-fired pizza, a brewery, and fresh and prepared seafood are coming soon!  You can find healthy salads and wraps at Green Soul, Chinese Food at King’s Garden, American Bistro Cuisine at The Chestnut Grill, and French cuisine at Paris Bistro. 


The next time you’re looking for a place to hang out in Chestnut Hill with friends or family, consider visiting the FAREWAY.  You’ll find many people to watch, comfortable seating, and beautiful outdoor natural features (water fountains and gardens) and artwork to enjoy. 

Meet you at the FAREWAY!  See you soon!