Previously known as the Chestnut Hill Farmer’s Market, the Market at the Fareway
in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia is a modern farmer’s market for a well-lived life.

The Market offers a unique shopping experience and combines the charm of a country store with the sophistication of the Chestnut Hill lifestyle. It has been completely refurbished and renovated and aligns with Chestnut Hill’s historic feel.

Our food market caters to anyone who is looking for personalized service while purchasing their grocery staples and to those looking for prepared foods and want grab and go options. There is something for everyone, from the older generation to the new generation, from the person spending a leisurely and relaxing day exploring to the business person and employee looking to get in and get out. We are a destination market where you come to get your meat cut just the way you want, your sandwich made with extra cheese or light sauce, and your international foods.

We specialize in offering fresh, special, socially-responsible local foods from high quality artisans. Patrons can find a range of products including locally-roasted coffee, made-from-scratch baked goods and chocolate, hand-cut sushi, made-to- order deli sandwiches,

freshly cut red meat and pork, fresh produce, hand-squeezed juice, nutritious Korean tacos, gourmet sticky buns, high-quality Vietnamese pho soup, Vietnamese Banh Mi, prepared foods, desserts, wood-fired pizza, craft beer, and Lancaster-county free-range chicken and turkey. We cater to customers seeking vegetarian and vegan options.

We have something for everyone- children, adults, business people, travelers, and stay-at-home moms and dads. Get out of the office, take a break from work, and stop by for a quick take-out lunch or drop by on your way home for grab and go dinner. For those with more time, come and sit-down for a leisurely meal and spend some time shopping to buy groceries and cook your favorite meal. Our friendly vendors offer top-notch service and will know your name and can offer recommendations based on your preferences. We are passionate about providing personalized service and getting you exactly what you need and want. Our goal is to be your first choice and destination to get high quality groceries and deliciously prepared home-cooked meals.

  • Feature Vendor: Evergreen Produce

  • Feature: Southern Flames BBQ

The name, “Fareway” is a combination of two words: “fare”, meaning food, and “way” meaning a
breezeway or public space. The Fareway refers to the space connecting the Chestnut Hill Hotel on
Germantown Avenue to the Market.
It is lined with artwork from the Fresh Artists program and sculptures from the Gravers Lane Gallery and beautiful gardens, planted with tropical flowers in the summertime and evergreens in the winter. Retailers including the Post Office, Chestnut Grill, Chestnut Hill Brewing Company Taproom and Follicles line the Fareway. The Fareway borders a free parking lot and features a gas fire pit, wooden benches, tables and chairs, a fountain, a ping-pong table and an array of brightly-colored plastic throne armchairs that have been known to remind patrons of Alice in Wonderland. You can access the free parking lot from Southampton Avenue, which is between Germantown Avenue and Ardleigh Street. If our parking lot is full, you can look for a spot at a nearby parking lot. Look for one here:
Take Advantage of Our Space
With plenty of indoor seats, there is space to relax and enjoy your food, mingle with your friends,
read a book, listen to music, have a meeting, sip on coffee, nibble on dessert, and people watch.
In the summertime, the glass garage doors on the pavilion are raised and customers
can enjoy the beautiful weather. The Market offers free WiFi.