Makeup You Can Make

Makeup has become a very important step in many people’s morning routines when they are getting ready for work, a doctor’s appointment, or to go out and about with the kids, friends or significant others. Whether you wear makeup everyday or only on special occasions, it gets to be expensive. In addition, most makeup is not chemical free and certain brands still test their products on live animals. By making your own makeup, you can save money that you can spend on a cute new outfit, a movie ticket for two, or to go towards a girls’ night out!

Everyone remembers that one lip balm they loved during childhood, the kind in the little tin that smells like fresh fruit or cotton candy, the kind that you want to lather on your lips until there isn’t any left. Maybe you collected every flavor in the brand you loved. Well, good news! You can make lip balm in any flavor that you want! Two of my favorites were strawberries n’ cream and blueberry. The difference between making your own lip balm from scratch and buying it is that you know exactly what is going into your lip balm, you know the cleanliness of the production facilities, and your lip balm is made with some TLC. Get the ingredients and directions for strawberries n’ cream, mango pineapple and caramel apple lip balm here.

Why stop at lip balm? This homemade eyeliner is basically just like the stuff you buy in the store. All you need is some coconut oil and activated charcoal to make dark black eyeliner. How simple is that? Not only is this recipe non-toxic, but it is inexpensive and you can pick your jar to make it easier to dip your brush. Another bonus (yes, that’s possible) is that you are able to make it thicker or darker – it all depends on your preference. Eyeliner, especially if you use it everyday, goes faster than shampoo. This eyeliner is long-lasting and you are able to make more than you can get at the store. It’s a win, win (just don’t get it on your clothes)!

I was always told, “keep your cheeks rosy, your lips shiny and your eyes beautiful.” This homemade blush completes the trio. This DIY blush only calls for one ingredient: raspberries. Take the raspberries, put them in a bowl, press your fingers into them and push out the juice and then rub the juice on your cheeks. Don’t worry about putting too much on, it blends in and dabs right off.

Remember to apply it to your cheeks in a circular motion for best results. Raspberries give off a darker color than some people may prefer. If you want a lighter color, use strawberries instead! Not only do they both give off radiant colors, but they also smell really good. You can decide which fruit you want to use, but whatever one you pick, you’ll love it.

Making your makeup is not only more affordable, but you are able to see everything you are putting into your beauty products. Some brands test on animals or don’t test at all, some contain harmful ingredients and some are difficult to match to your liking. When you make your own makeup, you are able to control the colors and everything else in between. Making your products is not only fun, but also it will save you money. Make it a tradition with your friends, children, co-workers or somebody else with whom you are close; trade colors or make a lot to stock up! Happy DIY!