Cinnamon Buns on the Hill!

A great treat, cinnamon buns are a marvel of delicious flavor. Despite their popularity, they can be hard to find—and even harder to find are perfectly fresh and natural cinnamon buns which deliver a real “wow!” sensation.

cinnamon buns

But worry no more! The Market at the Fareway is thrilled to announce that Barry’s Buns is now part of our community of vendors. A family-owned bakery, Barry’s Buns is offering cinnamon buns with six flavor options (as well as seasonal flavors). Also on the menu are “made to order” liege waffles with Belgian pearl sugar and choice of toppings,plus crumb cake and butter cake. All their baked goods are made with natural ingredients, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives added.

In honor of Barry’s Buns, this post is dedicated to the health properties of cinnamon (recognizing that these properties may be mitigated in cinnamon buns).

Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiviral

Cinnamon fights fungal, bacterial, and viral elements, in both food and human beings. Long before modern refrigeration and food storage, cinnamon was used in dishes as both seasoning and spoiler prevention.

But such properties in cinnamon can also benefit us as well. Cinnamon may be a beneficial treatment for such ailments from lung problems to the common cold, because it can address congestion issues by helping to clear up mucus and support general circulation in our bodies.


Cinnamon can reduce specific and systemic forms of inflammation in our bodies. Specific inflammation refers to specific types of pain, like headaches, while systemic refers to broader, chronic conditions. Since cinnamon can help boost circulation, it helps reduce both kinds of inflammation, including arthritis, by stimulating and pushing more circulation to the joints.


It is possible that cinnamon may have anti-carcinogenic effects, although research is currently limited. In experiments with animals, studies have shown that cinnamon extract can slow cancer cell growth and even encourage the death of cancerous cells. If these properties of cinnamon were to extend to humans, then cinnamon may have the power to slow and kill cancerous cells.

Whether or not cinnamon holds anti-carcinogenic promise, other characteristics of the spice, such as the presence of antioxidants, make a valuable contribution to physical health.

Fights Bad Cholesterol

Cinnamon helps raise good cholesterol and remove bad cholesterol from the body. Regular cinnamon intake may also serve to reduce the impact of rich, fatty meals. By slowing the digestion of post-meal blood sugar, cinnamon can mitigate their high-fat effects.

So, for all these reasons, and especially for your cinnamon bun cravings, make Chestnut Hill your destination! Come visit the Market at the Fareway and Barry’s Buns soon.

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