Barry’s Buns

Barry’s Buns is a made-from-scratch bakery that specializes in gourmet sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and liege waffles.  An offering of six sticky-bun flavors is available along with a seasonal flavor.  Made-to-order liege waffles, which are loaded with Belgian pearl sugar are also offered and come plain, chocolate dipped, or crowned with a variety of toppings. But wait there is more! Barry is more than just buns as there is a variety offering of high quality baked goods.  You must come check them out for yourselves as Barry always keeps his display new and exciting!

Who is BarryBarry’s Buns is owned and operated by Joel Singer whose middle name is Barry.  Joel is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a degree in baking and pastry arts and was most recently the Regional Bakery Associate Coordinator of Whole Foods Market for the Mid-Atlantic region.  His career in pastry began at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and, prior to working at Whole Foods Market, Joel was the Assistant Pastry Chef at the Rittenhouse Hotel.

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