August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Did you know that August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day5280 Burger Bar sums up the history of the ice cream sandwich very well!


  • Author, Jeri Quinzio, explained in his book called, Sugar and Snow: A History of Ice Cream Making, that an unknown pushcart peddler in the Bowery neighborhood of New York City created the ice cream sandwich in 1899. It consisted of vanilla ice cream in between two thin graham wafers and sold for one penny!
  • Jerry Newberg invented the ice cream sandwich, as we know it today, which consists of vanilla ice cream between two rectangular chocolate cookies. He first sold it at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.


While cookies may be the traditional “buns” or “bread” for your ice cream sandwich, there are so many options from which to choose!  Try putting ice cream between brownies, Lucky Charms cereal with marshmallow (you can also do the same thing with Fruity Pebbles), waffles, donuts, cinnamon rolls, tacos, and so much more!  You can also choose cookies that aren’t just chocolate chip such as peanut butter cookies, Snickerdoodle cookies, or ginger snaps!

Not only are the outside parts of the ice cream sandwich, but the inside is important as well!  You can stick with traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and mint chocolate chip.  Or, you can get a little creative and go with peanut butter or lemon.  If you’re feeling very adventurous, try making your own ice cream flavors at home.  Some inspirational flavors include raspberry pistachio, coconut mango, and chocolate cherry ice cream.

icecream3Even though ice cream sandwiches may be more top of mind on August 2, you can get an ice cream sandwich in Philadelphia at the farmer’s market and cafe in Chestnut Hill called MARKET at the FAREWAY (locate behind the Chestnut Hill Hotel).  Poppy’s Café sells ice cream seasonally and you can make your own sandwich when you buy their chocolate chip cookies.  Barry’s Buns sells waffle ice cream sandwiches and Zsa’s ice cream sandwiches.  What are you waiting for?  Find your ice cream sandwich in Chestnut Hill, PA today!