Why It’s Important to Shop Local and Support Businesses in Your Local Neighborhood

One of the newest trends today is shopping local. Partaking in this revolution is not only helpful for your budget, but it has many other benefits as well. Recently, I came across an article called 10 Reasons to Shop Local on greenupgrader.com and I found it very intriguing. A few of the benefits mentioned on the website are expanded upon below.

  1. Creates a Local Economic Stimulus because when you purchase at locally owned businesses, more money is kept in the community. When a local business it supported by a local community member or another local business, that business in turn is more likely to also support local businesses.  This is not only because it is being supported locally, but also because is it more invested in the community’s welfare and future.  It’s a chain reaction and more money spent in the community means more money for those businesses to re-invest in themselves and grow their businesses and more tax money for the community to continue its local programs and create more benefits for its members.
  2. Enables Your Community to Develop a Unique Character because local businesses reflect the values and interests of its community members. When local businesses can thrive and there are fewer chain stores, it makes your community more of a unique destination for others and visitors see value in coming to your community because it offers things not offered anywhere else.  This in turn makes the members proud and creates more traffic, which has the potential to increase the value of homes and properties in the community.
  3. Delivers Better Customer Service since local business hire employees who have specific expertise and can offer more knowledge to the customers. In addition, local businesses are generally smaller and have more time to spend with customers, getting to know their individual preferences and can more likely custom order items by request.  There are less stringent guidelines in small business and thus more flexibility to cater to each customer’s needs.
  4. Supports Environmental Sustainability because you will travel less and require fewer things to be shipped, which will reduce traffic, pollution, and your carbon footprint.

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The MARKET at the FAREWAY is a great place to shop locally in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia!  Every business is locally owned and many of our vendors locally produce their food items on site or source their products locally.  Not only will you enjoy your visit at the MARKET, but the friendliness from the vendors will make you feel right at home. Whether its coffee from Poppy’s Café, buns from Barry’s Buns, or sweet & spicy chicken from Chicko Tako, the sense of community will overcome you. Visit the MARKET Thursday through Saturday to support your local businesses and get involved in the community.