Getting to Know Chicko Tako

Our Chestnut Hill College Marketing Intern, Keyeona Seth, sat down with the owner of Chicko Tako, Dean Lee, to learn more about Dean and his business.  You’ll want to read all the way to the end to learn some fun facts about Dean!  If you haven’t already tried Chicko Tako, stop by the MARKET for a delicious Korean lunch in Chestnut Hill!

Chiko tako

1. How and when did “Chicko Tako” get started?

Chicko Tako is a family business and was established in November 2014.

2. Why did you name it ” Chicko Tako “?

“Chicko” means chicken in Korea and the “ko” originates from the Korean language. The name is a fusion of Korean and Mexican culture.

3. Who is involved in running your business?

I (Dean) manage(s) operations and logistics, while the menu is created with the help of one of my good friends, who is a chef.

4. What do the customers love the most from your menu?

Beef and/or Chicken rice bowl are very popular among customers. Also, chicken wings are a customer favorite.

5. Are you working on releasing any new items?

Yes! I am currently working on adding more greens and meat to the menu, such beef salad.

6. What do you find to be the most challenging part of your business?

Not many people are interested in Korea; nor do people know about Korean culture since it is not as famous as Japan or China, but it is becoming popular.

7. What gets you up in the morning? What excites you to come to work?

I love interacting with customers and I appreciate how small of a neighborhood Chestnut Hill is, which creates a friendlier atmosphere.

8. If you could say one thing to your customers, what would it be?

When you are hungry, come to Chicko Tako!

9. What do you enjoy eating when you’re not eating Chicko Tako?

I love eating seafood, sushi roll, pho, and pork chops.

10. What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy fishing and riding bikes.

11. What are some fun facts about yourself?

• I always wear small sized shirts
• My favorite color is white
• I love Sashimi and raw fish
• I have one brother and one sister
• I went to school in Australia and lived there for 10 years
• I travelled a lot and visited 17 countries