Dogs Are Welcome

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but they are much more than that. Dogs are family and families stick together! So, who wouldn’t want to bring their dog with them wherever they go? Well, I have some good news; the MARKET is dog-friendly! How exciting is that?!  You can shop and eat lunch with your dog.  Dog Friendly1

Not only does the MARKET offer two hook-ups for your dog outside of the MARKET (“Park your pooch” and “Leash Your Beast”), but it also has water bowls for your furry, four-legged companions.  You can hook up your dog while you shop and then your best friend can join you for lunch outside. These are great features that dogs and owners alike are sure to love. Dogs are welcomed here and will feel right at home amongst the vendors and visitors.  You can spot the entrance to the MARKET from Germantown Avenue.  Looking down the FAREWAY, you will see two enormous dog statues, purchased from Graver’s Lane Gallery.  Continuing following the FAREWAY past the dog statues to the firepit and you will see the MARKET on your right.

Dog Friendly2.jpg

There are benefits to dog-friendly places, such as increased social interaction, which creates a friendly atmosphere. Studies have shown that dog-friendly places reduce stress levels and increase attendance. Since the MARKET is dog friendly, the vibe here is always happy.

The MARKET is also located in one of the most dog friendly towns, Chestnut Hill. This community welcomes dogs with open arms, which gives you more reasons to visit the MARKET while you visit Chestnut Hill.  Dog owners can walk their dog(s) up and down Germantown Ave, visit local shops, and even enjoy a nice meal with their pup! The Chestnut Hill Hotel, located next to the MARKET, is a dog-friendly hotel that allows dogs of all sizes to stay for $25/night.

Dog Friendly3

Dogs are loved everywhere, especially at the MARKET. Stop by with your furry friend and check out all of the awesome vendors that are here. Not only will you be happy, but so will your dog. Interact with visitors and even neighbors in the community; you nor your dog will be disappointed!

Dog Friendly4