Food Delivery in Chestnut Hill with Uber Eats



What’s all this hype about UberEATS?  I feel like everywhere I turn, I see UberEATS.  I knew all about Uber and have used the ride-sharing service before to get to the airport and to come home after a night out downtown.  But, to deliver food?  I had no idea that was even a possibility.  Once I heard about it the first time, I dug in a little more.


So, how does UberEATS work?  Uber Eats gives you access to many local restaurants in Philadelphia and Chestnut Hill and allows you to place and receive a lunch or dinner order in about 35 minutes.   Simply download the “UberEATS” app in the App store or on Google Play.  When you place your order, the cost includes the food and delivery and there’s no need to tip.  You simply pay with your Uber account and then you can track your order on the site as it’s prepared.   An UberEATS driver will pick up your food from the restaurant and place your order in the appropriate bag to keep it warm or cool and will then deliver it to your requested drop off address.

According to, UberEATS thought that price transparency and consistency were important so it made all delivery fees $5 and restricted the radius allowed for delivery to ensure it was economical for customers and the drivers and to ensure the food arrived in a timely manner so it was fresh.  In addition, delivery is available from 10am-10pm and customers rate the food with a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”.

UberEATS is not only good for customers, but it’s great for businesses too because the restaurants don’t have to keep a delivery driver on staff.  It’s also a way for local businesses to market their product and let more potential customers know they exist.  UberEATS is good for drivers because it gives them something to do during their down time and creates another potential revenue stream.


What restaurants in Chestnut Hill, PA or nearby offer UberEATS?  Here’s a list:

The next time you are craving food from ChickoTako, Green Soul, or somewhere else download the UberEATS app and you won’t have to leave your house, office, or wherever you are!