Don’t Forget About Lunch!

I feel like lunch is sometimes the meal that gets overlooked.  Everybody talks about how breakfast is the “most important meal of the day” and eating it will make you burn more calories.  Dinner provides an opportunity for families to eat together and catch up on the day.  It also allows people to relax and unwind before going to bed.  But, what about lunch?  Often times people eat on the go because they don’t have time to stop in between meetings.  Or, the day can just get away from you and before you know it, it’s past lunchtime and approaching happy hour time!  You may work through lunch with the hopes of not staying late at work.


According to Mental Healthy, eating lunch reduces stress and taking a break to nourish your brain with food, oxygen, and water, will make you productive.  It’s also important to stop work while eating because if you’re distracted while eating, you may not realize you are full and overeat.  Here’s some advice, “look forward to lunch as another activity and plan what you’d like to eat because it will affect your performance”.


Have we convinced you that lunch is a good idea?  Whether you’re a mom, work at home, or work in Chestnut Hill or a 5-10 minute drive from Chestnut Hill, we have the perfect lunch destination in Chestnut Hill for you, the MARKET at the FAREWAY.  You can order wings, noodles, a salad, rice bowl, or taco from ChickoTako.  Your pallete is sure to be satisfied when you taste Dean’s food and his amazing sauces including spicy chicko, chicko garlic, and sweet and spicy.  Another great lunch option in the MARKET is Ranck’s Lunchmeats.   Jim and his team will customize your sandwich just the way you like it.  You can order a hoagie, specialty wrap, cold sandwiches (Tuna Salad, chicken salad, and more), hot sandwiches (grilled cheese, cheeseburger to name a few), and specialty sandwiches such as waldorf chicken salad on a croissant.  People love Ranck’s breakfast sandwiches too!  Looking for something a little lighter?  Grab some sushi from Tokyo Sushi.  Interested in some Mediterranean food?  Try food, all made from scratch, from Shundeez Market .  Maurice makes his own hummus, lasagna, sweet rice, falafel, samosas, and more!


The next time you’re tempted to skip lunch, consider how much you’ll gain from taking a break and getting rejuvenated, not only with food, but also by socializing and catching up with some friends or co-workers.  I bet you’ll accomplish more with a 30-minute lunch than you would if you worked straight through lunch.  See you soon!