Useful tips to select the best fresh produce

INA-1 imageIf you visit a Philadelphia produce market, you may be absolutely overwhelmed by all of the amazing choices in fresh fruits and vegetables that are right in front of you. You can always find it rather difficult to be able to select the finest options in produce available; but hopefully, these tips can help you significantly.

If you want to purchase a nice avocado, look for one that has blackish dark green skin. This is an indication that the avocado is ripe. Pay close attention to the outside parts of any avocado, as well. Look for soft skin that’s completely devoid of any unsightly bruises.

When you’re shopping for cucumbers at a produce market, be on the lookout for those that are consistently green all over, firm and not too soft. Stay far, far away from any cucumbers that may be on the yellow side.

Apples taste absolutely amazing when they’re at their best. If you’re looking for apples that are sweet and brimming with fruity flavor, be on the lookout for ones that are completely free of marks on their surfaces. Pay attention to consistent coloring that’s dazzling and brilliant too, whether they’re red or green. Push down gently on any apple you’re considering buying to assess its firmness. Firm apples are always the way to go.

If you’re trying to purchase green beans, look for those that are on the narrow side. Opt for green beans that don’t bend but that snap instead.

If you’re in need of potatoes at a produce market, search for those that are both regular and even on the surface. Stay away from any potatoes that have sprouts or that are full of unattractive green areas or bruises in general.

When you’re shopping for tomatoes, go for those that have mildly sweet smells. Tomatoes that have smooth surfaces tend to be the best. Stay away from any and all tomatoes that have wrinkled appearances.

If you’re trying to purchase pears, select those that are completely mature. Make sure they feel nice and firm when you touch them. Avoid pears that feel overly tough. Always stay away from pears that have mold or bruises.

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