The Art of the Cookie

cookie 2

Lisa Hesbacher of South Ave Sweets must hear “this cookie is too pretty to eat”, all
the time. Her one-year-old gourmet treat business pleases both the eye and the
palette with beautifully crafted cookies, brownies, cupcakes and more.


Lisa’s lifelong passion for baking, decorating and creating beautiful crafts is the
foundation of South Ave Sweets. Her interest in decorated cookies began as a labor
of love for her nieces and nephews, and has grown into a fascination with sugar art.
After lending her creativity to a career in the Philadelphia design industry, Lisa was
happy to turn her love of homemade treats, comforting desserts and the whimsical
cookies into a full-time business.

sas cupcake

South Ave Sweets is the perfect compliment to a bridal or baby shower, or any
festive celebration where a special little touch would be the perfect final touch.
South Ave Sweets will ‘pop up’ at Market often and you can order these sweet treats
anytime at:
267 252-4727