Sharp Knives Are A Cook’s Best Friend

Sharp Knives

Cooking is a creative and enjoyable thing to do. I love experimenting with different ingredients and new recipes, but often find myself wondering why my food never has that WOW factor. I did a little research and discovered that a reason as to why my food didn’t have a special effect was because of the knives that I was using! Who knew?

According to, sharp knives cut with less force than dull knives, resulting in less damage to food, which can easily be seen by looking closely at the cut. Dull knives crush the cells in gentle ingredients, which accelerates discoloration and wilting.  Also, dull knives slow down food preparation and cause less enjoyment because food preparation can become frustrating.

Not only do sharp knives work better, but also they are easier to use. Using sharp knives makes it easier to control how a blade moves through food, giving you full control over chopping or slicing. A dull blade can slip, which is pretty dangerous considering that you can hurt yourself during the process.

To fix this knife problem, it’s best to either buy a new knife set or sharpen your dull knives. I would choose the latter option and sharpen my knives because it’s more affordable and environmentally friendly. Knife sharpening is a great investment that will last a lifetime. One of the best places to get knives sharpened is at Neil’s Sharpening Service here at the MARKET at the FAREWAY in Chestnut Hill.

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Neil’s Sharpening Service offers exquisite knife sharpening amongst many other things at a reasonable price. When your knives are feeling dull, stop by the MARKET and visit Neil; he will sure have your knives looking like and acting like new!  You may also find yourself getting new compliments on your food, thanks to your newly sharpened knives. Not only will you look like a top-rated chef, but your food will be eye-catching and full of flavor.

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