Picking and Carving Your Perfect Pumpkin Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia MARKET AT THE FAREWAY


Halloween is just around the corner.  Head to Yu’s Produce in Chestnut Hill to pick your perfect pumpkin this Halloween season!  We’d like to share a few of our favorite tips from Care.com for how to pick the perfect pumpkin and how to carve your pumpkin to make sure it lasts as long as possible.


  1. Pick a pumpkin that is FIRM all around. Soft spots may indicate decay, which means your pumpkin could fall apart when you go to carve it.
  2. Get a pumpkin that is BRIGHT ORANGE. Any other colors such as brown or green could indicate that something is wrong or that the pumpkin has been infested with bugs.
  3. Select a pumpkin with a good It should have a hard handle that does not bend to make it easier to pick up and carry.
  4. Pay attention to the If you are carving a face, it is easier if you choose a more oblong instead of round pumpkin.  It’s also best if you choose one with a flat bottom so it can sit without falling over.  However, the whole pumpkin does not have to be smooth everywhere to carve a face; just make sure one side is smooth and the other sides can be more bumpy, which adds character.
  5. Decide how you’re going to USE If you’re going to cook your pumpkin, look for a pumpkin with thicker walls.  If you’re going to carve your pumpkin, look for a pumpkin that sounds hollow and has thinner walls.  You can also paint your pumpkin!


Now that you have your perfect pumpkin, here are some tips for what to do with it.  A suggestion from mentalfloss.com was very surprising, but after more thought, makes a lot of sense!  They suggest that you do not cut off the top or bottom of the pumpkin to carve it, but instead cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin.  Cutting the top removes the vine, which supplies the nutrients and cutting the bottom releases a lot of water and makes a big mess.  So, the next time you cut your pumpkin, consider making the hole in the back!

According to Mentalfloss.com, you also want to make sure you get every last string out of your pumpkin so mold doesn’t start to grow.  Make sure you scrape the walls really well.


The last tip we’re going to leave you with is: use an LED or CFL to light up your jack-o-lantern.  They get bright, but don’t give off heat, which helps your pumpkin to last longer.  pumpkin-5