Neidermyers Poultry


Neidermyers sells a full selection of chicken and turkey products including: turkey sausages, turkey burger, fresh turkeys, fresh roasting and frying chickens, cornish hens, organic boneless chicken breast and organic eggs. Neidermyers also features delicious, ready to bake chicken divan, stuffed chicken breast, and chicken cordon bleu.  Neidermyers Poultry has been a proud part of the Market since it opened over 30 years ago. Everything we sell is brought in fresh from Lancaster County and is free-range, hormone free, and antiobiotic free. We specialize in great product and superior customer service.

Fresh from the Farm

The farmlands in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country have some of the richest agricultural soils in the world and have been worked for generations by Old Order Amish and Mennonites using horse-drawn plows and traditional farming techniques hundreds of years old.  Neidermyers is delighted to shared healthy poultry, eggs, tasty turkey, and select organic products from this stunning bought- farm fresh right to your table.


Our poultry comes from Lancaster County, the heartland of Amish Country.  Antibiotic free and hormone free, our chickens and turkeys are raised cage free and fed an all vegetable diet.  We also do butcher to order- if you can explain it, we can do it!

Ready to Cook Meals

At Neidermyer’s, we understand you don’t always have that time to prepare home cooked dinners, so we also offer a variety of ready-to-cook meals including chicken cordon blue, stuffed chicken breast, chicken dean, meatballs, and meatloaves. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the Neidermyer family.  In fact, our customers order their turkeys right after Halloween so they can serve the most delicious available.


We see delicious and nutritionally superior eggs, year round at Neidermyer’s.  Our highest quality, organically produced eggs come from a local farm in Montgomery County where well-fed organic hens lay eggs under certified humane conditions.

About Us

Neidermyer’s Poultry has been in operation since the first day the Chestnut Hill Farmer’s Market opened in 1982.  Twyla and Travis Weaver, the proud owners of Neidermyer’s, come from large Mennonite families and are dedicated to carrying on family tradition of farming and farmer’s markets.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff is considered family too.  Everyone at Neidermyer’s is eager to help you select the best poultry, turkey, eggs, or other food products for your next delicious meal.  And when you’re at Neidermyer’s don’t forget to say hi to “Sally”.  She’s the big yellow chicken in our sign.  In Pennsylvania Dutch lore, Sally-the-chicken reassures a child who has injured a knee playing in the barnyard, “Holy, holy chicken dirt. Tomorrow morning it won’t hurt!”  It sounds funnier in Amish!  “Heile, heal, Hinkeldreck, Marifree ischt olles recht.”

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