Happiness Hour: Group Acupuncture Classes at MARKET at the FAREWAY in Chestnut Hill, PA

MARKET at the FAREWAY is partnering with Village Wellness to host group acupuncture classes every Wednesday night from 6pm-7pm starting Wednesday, May 31.  The last class will be Wednesday, June 21. The sessions are designed to ease stress, release feelings of being overwhelmed, and promote balancing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Weather-permitting, the classes will be held outside by the water fountains. The sound of the water will make you forget you’re in a city! Clients remain fully dressed; the acupuncturist will only need to access your ears. The acupuncturist will be using a unique style from Chinese medicine that uses five points in the ear to treat you, similar to reflexology.   

According to Village Wellness, patients walk out feeling relaxed and recharged. Over time, patients report what changes they’ve noticed. Often the treatments provide subtle changes in areas that may not have been the reason for coming. These “side effects” [improved sleep, reduced stress levels, improved immunity] are a welcome surprise.

Pop-up group classes are only $25.  Please visit http://villagewellness.net/chestnut-hill-community-acupuncture to sign up. Please note, online booking closes 12 hours before sessions. For day-of bookings please call us Village Wellness at 610-203-3747

Please dress comfortably, and for the weather, yoga clothes, sweats, etc.

About the MARKET

Tucked behind the Chestnut Hill Hotel in Philadelphia and accessible via the Fareway from Germantown Avenue or the Southampton Street parking lot, the Market at the Fareway offers a bounty of goods from 16 different vendors. The Market functions as a modern farmer’s market where visitors will find local, fresh products, grocery items, and prepared foods including coffee, bread, baked goods, chocolate, fresh produce, fresh seafood, meat, poultry, deli items, sushi, Korean cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Caribbean food, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, a brewery, and more.

The MARKET is a spot for community members to meet and have lunch or dinner or a drink, grocery shop, or just hang out. The MARKET often hosts special events or group activities so be sure to check out their future events on their website and follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.