The FYI about Nitro Coffee

The FYI about Nitro Coffee

Recently there has been a big buzz surrounding Nitro Coffee. At first, I had no idea what Nitro Coffee was, but one of our vendors here at the MARKET at the FAREWAY in Chestnut Hill, Poppy’s Café, decided to install it and did a test run on it this past weekend. Thankfully, I received a little info about Nitro Coffee from one of the employees at Poppy’s Coffee. So, here’s what I know so far about Nitro Coffee:

  1. Basically, it’s cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen
  2. It’s a coffee concentrate
  3. Someone drinking it can get a caffeine boost way faster
  4. It is less acidic


Nitro Coffee sounds so cool, yet still so scary. Even though I received this great information from Poppy’s Café and became a lot more knowledgeable, I still needed to do a little more research about Nitro Coffee. explained Nitro Coffee really well, “Nitrogen—a chemical element with the symbol N and atomic number 7—is a transparent, odorless, diatomic gas, that can also be added to a keg along with coffee to yield a foamy, caffeinated beverage known as nitro coffee.” points out that Nitro Coffee is part of the “craft coffee” trend and has a smooth, creamy taste and fizzy beer-esque look.

When doing even more internet research, I stumbled upon an article on BuzzFeed listed some great facts on “Everything You Need to Know about Nitro Coffee”. Check out these tips below:

  1. The nitrogen in Nitro Coffee affects two things: Taste and Texture.  Nitro Coffee is crisper and a tad bit sweeter
  1. It’s creamier, even when served black.  There’s absolutely no need for cream and sugar! This makes is healthier too!
  1. At coffee shops, it’s stored in a keg, pressurized, and poured from a tap
  2. It’s STRONG!  The caffeine rush hits you faster

Nitro Coffee is definitely something to try! I know it may seem like unknown territory and you may be skeptical at first, but stop by the MARKET and check out Poppy’s Café, a coffee shop in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, to get a FREE sample of Nitro Coffee. Not only will you be a part of the latest trend, but your hectic and tiring days either at work or doing other activities, will now be spruced up by the power of Nitro Coffee.