Barry’s Buns


Barry’s Buns, a family owned business operated by Joel Singer and his wife, Jen, specializes in gourmet sticky buns, cinnamon buns, and liege waffles. Six different sticky buns will be on the menu along with a seasonal flavor. Barry’s Buns’ made to order liege waffles are loaded with Belgian pearl sugar and crowned with your choice of various toppings.

Joel Singer, well accredited, started his own cheesecake business when he was 14, took first place in a high school culinary competition, and won a scholarship from Careers Through Culinary Arts Program to attend Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. Joel graduated with a degree in Pastry Arts, was the Assistant Pastry Chef at the Rittenhouse Hotel, and was most recently the Regional Bakery Associate Coordinator of Whole Foods Market for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Not only has Joel been a very accomplished student, he has also had an accomplished career to date. He made the dessert for a Presidential candidate during a national convention while working at the Philadelphia Convention Center, his cake won second place at the DC Kitchen Food Fight Competition in 2014, and he created a life-size gingerbread house during the holidays (he plans on doing this at the MARKET, so stay tuned).
Behind every hard-working man, there is someone managing the show. Joining Joel is his wife, Jen. Jen handles the marketing, brand development, event planning and business administration for the company. Jen is on top of her game when it comes to customer service, knowledge about the company, background on her hubby (she’s very proud) and everything in between.


Barry’s Buns, a business that got its name from Joel’s nickname, has always been a lifelong goal of Joel’s. One of his fondest childhood memories is his dad bringing home sticky buns for the family. Because of this fond memory and the business his father owned in a farmer-style market, Joel has always dreamed of having a place of his own. Joel loved the atmosphere of his dad’s stand in the farmer’s market, the customers, and the overall experience. When the opportunity arose for a spot at the MARKET at the FAREWAY, Joel and Jen believe it was a “sign.”

When asked what they are looking forward to the most about being newly located in the MARKET at the FAREWAY, the Singers answered, “the customers.” “Chestnut Hill is a great location not only to do business, but also to be included in a community,” the Singers said. “Not only are we looking forward to building relationships with the customers, but we are excited to collaborate with the vendors throughout the MARKET to better serve the customers.” Barry’s Buns is always looking for ways to make the customers happy and to improve their business. Barry’s Buns is open to suggestions and the company wishes for customers to contact Jen or Joel if they want to see certain items on their menu. Joel and Jen truly look forward to seeing you in the MARKET at the FAREWAY.