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Jerk Pit, a family-owned business operated by Grace Foltz, and her husband Dan Foltz, will open for business in the MARKET located at 8229 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania on Thursday, November 3, 2016. Mark it on your calendars.

Jerk Pit specializes in authentic Caribbean food including boneless jerked chicken, braised oxtail and beans, curried chicken, and wood coal fired barbeque. They also offer fried plantains, vegetable stir fry, and more. Everything is fresh, prepared daily and it’s healthy. Jerk Pit uses tropical flavors such as jerk, curry, and mangoes and island herbs and spices including scotch bonnet, turmeric, sorrel, and pimento.

Grace Foltz is co-founder and Executive Chef of The Jerk Pit. Grace is a native of Jamaica who grew up on a plantation with three generations of cooks, great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother competing for the honor of feeding their clan. Daniel Foltz is co-founder and General Manager of the Jerk Pit. Early in his career he travelled the globe where he became a foodie with a curious palette. Grace and Dan met in 1993.   On their first date, she served him Jamaican style curried chicken. They married in 1995 and the rest is history.

They opened their first location in the Rosemont Farmer’s Market and they received excellent customer feedback, “Wonderful place, friendly staff and the food is great!”, “The food is amazing!!! Even my toddler loves the food!”, and “Wonderful experience, tasty chicken with awesome service!”

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Jerk Pit Menu

Jerk Pit Menu


Owners, Dan and Grace Foltz


Curried Chicken


Traditional Jerk Pit, wood coal-fired barbeque


Jerk Pit Wrap