International Food Cafe

Always wondered what the food tastes like from another part of the country or world?  The Market at the Fareway offers you food from a wide variety of places from Korean Tacos to sushi to Caribbean food.  Visit us for some prepared foods and relax in our international food cafe or grab something to go.

Chicko Tako logo

Chicko Tako: Items range from noodles to wings to tacos.  Sauces include garlic, spicy, and sweet spicy.  Order some side dishes such as homemade guacamole and nachos for appetizers. Click for full menu.


Shundeez: Shundeez proudly prepares homemade and high quality food in the genuine tradition of the middle east.  Signature dishes include sweet rice, chicken tandoori, chicken eggplant, and chicken curry.  Other items include jalapeño, red pepper, and olive hummus, calumet olives, medley olives, persian-style pistachios, spanakopita, medjoul dates, baklava, samosa, cucumber dip, and shirazi salad.  Every item is handmade and nothing is used from a can. 

Tokyo Sushi: Tokyo Sushi offers delicious hand and cut sushi rolls, specialty rolls and sashimi rolls, all created with a variety of the finest, freshest ingredients.

MoMos of Tibet has a rich history of living in balance with nature. We believe that healthy food helps people build their body and vitality and supports people to focus and think clearly. By producing a higher quality fast food alternative, MoMos ensures access to better food at an affordable price and supports an environment where individuals and families can live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Tibetan / American infused catering: delicious handmade beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and mixed vegetable MoMos, dumplings, noodle and vegetable dishes, soup, breads, and smoothies.